My heart, my being, my soul is gently seeking for a quiet place within me. In there lives a gloving, tiny, little peace of me that resonates with love. How on earth can we all not see that lovely thing, is a result of the noise we make, the effort we make, the desire we have to grasp something out of anything.

There is a human need that wants to possess. What is it that you ever want to possess will become a cage for you eventually but mostly we love our cages. We love to live witihin the security of owning. How that sounds? Everyone of us have a desire to have something, desire to reach something and desire to keep whatever it is that we think we have.

What I feel in the bottom of my heart is that the key is to let go of the desire and find that there is nothing at all that can be as true as our own nature of existance. It is such a light that holds us from tearing apart, keeps us still and sound whenever it is so urgent,like when we loose a lot. Belongings, money, fortune, health, friends even faith. The times when we go deep down in the dark we end up with a light that governs our being, that gives our hopes back that makes us feel at home, that reminds us the connection to the divine. Listen to that just as quiet as you can be, look inside as deep as you can see and feel esistance as much as you can feel… What is next? It is the deep and sound light of divinity emerging among the nothingness within us.

This knowledge does come from an inner vision I had through writing. I didnt know what it was that I would write. That happens to us every time we get inspired. I never know what to paint, even sometimes what to teach in a yoga class but all of that happens or what to say to help a friend in need but they all end up with gratitude to God.

To conclude all I can say is that let your inspiration guide you in any decision, creation and expression…

May all the beings feel that guidance and shine that all out of their hearts… There lies a beautiful love, beautiful peace within and throughout all os us…