In the grip of depression, fear, anger and anxiety, the greatest gift is to take a deep breath and give to the being experiencing them a deep compassion. Notice your being trying to survive in the absence of compassion. The love, the forgiveness…The flow of love will be opened up through your heart to your being in need. Consciousness is best embodied through a deep, beautiful flowering of compassion.
If you can let a tiny bit of compassion flow in and out of your heart then the entity of numbness and unease in you will begin to dissolve. You may experience tears falling, you may experience grief following that compassion. Just let it dissolve as much as you can. Then let your loving being express itself by whatever means it can. Let the loving kindness make some of your choices through the day. Like smelling a flower, watching the sunset, etc. You will feel a lightness in your being just as a beautiful soft silk in the air.
Remember the hidden needs of your soul and reconnect. Just at this very moment take a slow gentle deep breath in slightly smiling to it and feel that you are lovable, you are beautiful, you are bliss and let go of the breath slowly. Notice your very being breathing and find a tiny bit of compassion inside.
I believe that compassion is the key to open up the numbness and fear of depression and every one of us have that key within us.
I am thankful to you for helping me remember the way back home in response to you. Namaste, love.